Local, regional, interstate, and international artists are invited to enter the 2024 Brighton Jetty Sculptures (BJS) Exhibition presented by Brighton Surf Life Saving Club (SA).

Indoor and outdoor sculptures are eligible for entry.  The exhibition can accommodate both large and small sculptures; however, when artists are submitting entries, they are required to consider safety, ease of installation, de-installation, and the public environment.




Wednesday 17 January to Sunday 28 January 2024

Winners will be announced at the Official Opening on Thursday, 18 January 2024.


Indoor sculptures will be displayed on Bindarra Reserve marquees.

  • Marquees1 and 2 will display Relief/Wall- hung sculptures and smaller and delicate sculptures. 

Outdoor locations

  • Bindarra Reserve, corner of Bindarra Road and Brighton Esplanade
  • ‘Sculptures Walk’ along Brighton Esplanade, between, Beach Road and Dunluce Avenue


Outdoor sculptures must be suitable for outdoor public display and be able to withstand the environment e.g., sun, wind, rain, sea spray, inquisitive children, animals, and the general public.


  • Outdoor Prize - $6000
  • Outdoor Runner Up - $2500
  • Indoor Prize - $4000
  • Indoor Runner Up - $1500
  • Relief/Wall-hung Sculpture - $1000
  • Environmental Awareness - $1000
  • Young Artist (10 – 17 years) - $1000


  • A maximum of 4 entries per artist.

18 + years inclusive

  • $40 first entry (single entry)
  • $30 for second, third and fourth entry

Young Artist (10 – 17 years)

  • $20 first entry.  Free for second, third and fourth entries. 


  • In the instance of a “Group” entry.  That is a sculpture under the same name e. g. “Roses” however, each individual rose is a different shape to be sold separately.
  • All Entries that include “Group” pieces will incur a $40 entry fee for the first sculpture and a $10 fee for each additional sculpture. (Maximum 15 pieces in total.)
  • First entry @ $40.00
  • Plus 14 entries @ $10 x 14 = $140.00
  • Total entry fees = $180.00
  • Note: A “Group” sculpture entered as one entry, will not be able to be sold individually.
  • EXAMPLE: A set of 5 fish will be sold as one item and have one sale price.  If fish are for sale separately, one fish will incur a $40 entry fee and $10 will apply for each additional fish.  

There is a limit of 15 pieces in a GROUP entry.

Each item must be clearly and individually priced, numbered and labelled by the artist at installation.


Please indicate on the Entry Form if you will take commissions for subsequent sculptures ordered. 

The buyer will pay Brighton Surf Life Saving Club (organiser of the Brighton Jetty Sculptures) the 30% commission.  After the exhibition the artist will receive an email listing their commissions detailing the name and contact details of the buyer.  It is the artist’s responsibility to contact the buyer and make arrangements to complete the sale.  On completion and delivery, the buyer will pay the artist the 70% balance of the sale price. 


Entries close at midnight on Saturday 28 October 2023

The Entry Form together with the fee/s and images must be received by midnight on the closing date.  Please note a change in entry fees.

PLEASE NOTE: entry fees are non-refundable regardless of whether an artwork is selected for display.


  • No cash payments can be made.
  • Mastercard and Visa payment will be accepted.


All entries will be subject to a pre-selection process by a curatorial panel.  The panel will determine the inclusion of artworks for the 2024 exhibition.

  • The online entry form (found at the end of the Rules of Entry) must be completed in full, and free from errors, as details will be used on the display tiles.
  • Any entry form that is incomplete may be rejected or reviewed for clarification.
  • All artworks selected for the 2024 exhibition will be photographed and may be used in future marketing or promotional material by the Brighton Jetty Sculptures Committee, Brighton Surf Life Saving Club and/or the City of Holdfast Bay
  • Late entries will not be accepted after 28/10/2023.
  • All sculptures must be the original work of the artist and completed within the past two years (24 months)
  • All sculptures must be available for sale.
  • Each artist is limited to a maximum of three (3) entries (see above for fees) 

All entries must include the following:

  • Artist Statement of NO MORE THAN 75 WORDS
  • If entering the Environmental Awareness category include an Environmental Statement explaining how it meets this category.
  • Description of the artwork and method of construction
  • Please note: It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that the above written statements are accurate and free from errors, as they will accompany the work on display.
  • Up to three good quality, clear images of each entry.  Images either of the work itself, or a maquette (scale model), must be submitted as a digital image - .jpeg, or .png)
  • They should not be submitted as images embedded in a text file such as a Word, PDF, or email.
  • Please ensure that the name of your file, photograph or sketch is in the following format: SURNAME, GIVEN NAME, SCULPTURE TITLE (as it appears on the Entry Form) THIS MUST BE LOADED AS A LIVE IMAGE
  • For works in progress, provide a brief description along with a good quality 3D sketch, design, or up to three images of the work in progress.
  • All final images of completed work/s must be received no later than 5 pm on Sunday 12 November. There will be no photo/s accepted after this date. 
  • All measurements must be accurately recorded in millimetres (mm) and weight in grams or kilograms.  Please take care to record details in the correct dimension space, in the following order – height, width, depth, weight
  • PLEASE NOTE: incorrect measurements may result in the sculpture being inappropriately positioned.
  • Ensure that the correct sale price for your artwork is included, as this cannot be changed once submitted.  Include the price of any individual pieces.
  • If the artist is registered for GST, it is your responsibility to pay the GST.
  • Brighton Jetty Sculptures / Brighton Surf Life Saving Club do not issue invoices for the sale of a sculpture/s as the sculpture/s are sold on consignment by Brighton Jetty Sculptures. 
  • Remember to consider the 30% commission fee and GST when pricing your sculpture/s.
  • GROUP pieces for individual sale must be individually and clearly numbered/labelled for display and sale purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that the images/photographs are clear, and the description and statement are clear and coherent.  The pre-selection process by the curatorial panel will be made from this information.

The curatorial panel reserves the right to reject any sculpture after initial pre-selection if the final artwork does not match the sketches, design, images, or written description that are provided within the entry submission.



All final images of completed work must be received no later than Sunday, 12 November 2023. No images will be accepted after this date.

Artists will be notified of the pre-selection outcome by Wednesday 7 December 2023 via email.

Please check your junk mail if you have not received notification of acceptance or exclusion by mid-December.


Judging for each of the awards will occur on Wednesday 17 January 2024 using the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Technical expertise
  • Standards of production

Environmental Awareness Award entries will be judged on the criteria listed above as well as the environmental message expressed in the Artist Statement on the Entry Form.

A minimum of three (3) entries per category is required before that category can be judged and prizes awarded.


  • Artists are required to consider any risk to public safety and the environment that could be caused by the installation and removal of their sculpture, the ability of their work to withstand the elements, and any impact on inquisitive children, and the general public. 
  • All outdoor sculptures must be anchored and secured safely and will be required to comply with the BJS Work Health and Safety guidelines that have been developed in conjunction with the City of Holdfast Bay i.e., there must be no movement at the base when sculptures are manipulated.
  • A safety inspection of each sculpture by a qualified engineer will be undertaken following installation.  Artists may be required to make some immediate changes to comply with safety requirements.  All changes and modifications must be addressed by the artist prior to the opening of the exhibition.
  • On installation and de-installation of outdoor sculptures, all artists are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.


The artist will be emailed time for installation.

The map provided on the BJS website shows the of outdoor installation sites.

  • Placement of sculptures will be allocated by a panel of experienced curators.
  • Wherever possible, artists’ requests for a specific site will be considered, however particular sites cannot be guaranteed.
  • The final site selection for all sculptures is the decision of the curators.
  • Entries must not be substituted by another sculpture once selected for the exhibition.
  • Artists must install the sculpture that was submitted on the Entry Form.

The curators have the authority to move sculptures if they consider there is any potential risk to public safety, or risk of damage.


All outdoor sculptures must be delivered and installed on Monday 15 January 2024 between 8 am and 3 pm.  

  • Artists of outdoor sculptures must report to the Curator’s desk on Bindarra Reserve prior to installation to find out their allocated site.  A team of helpers will be available for assistance with installation if required.
  • Artists must sign in their piece in the Tracking Record.
  • Artists must return to the desk once they have completed their installation.  An inspector will then undertake a safety check and sign off WHS requirements.
  • Any work that has not met the safety check will need to be fixed prior to sign off and is the responsibility of the artist.
  • Sculptures that cannot be installed safely may be refused.
  • Installation of sculptures must not affect the environment or the path e.g., rocks, trees, bark, and the indigenous plants.
  • Responsibility for installation and de-installation is that of the artist.  Please come prepared with any tools required and additional support if needed.
  • A forklift/front end loader and qualified council staff will be available if required to assist with installation and de-installation of outdoor sculptures (with the exception of Bindarra Reserve)
  • Please state on the entry form if a forklift is required.  A specific time will be allocated to you.
  • The use of the forklift/front end loader is at the artist’s own risk and a disclaimer MUST be signed by the artist prior to use.
  • If assistance is required to lift or move a sculpture into position, it is the responsibility of the artist to notify the curators prior to installation.
  • If going into concrete, sculptures must have 4 holes for stability, using four 8 ml plugs.  
  • If the sculpture is going into lawn, ground or sand, four-star droppers, (designed based pegs) a minimum of 45cms long are to be used.
  • The use of machinery for installation is not permitted on Bindarra Reserve, however the council lifter can place some works over the fences if required. 
  • The maximum weight of an outdoor sculpture must not exceed 250 kg.
  • Powered or motorised generators are not to be used on site for installation and/or display.


All indoor sculptures must be delivered on Tuesday 16 January 2024 between 8 am and 2 pm

  • Indoor/marquee artists report to the Curator’s desk on Bindarra Reserve.  Artists will be notified of their placement prior to delivery.
  • Please note: The curatorial team will decide where the indoor sculptures will be displayed.  
  • Please state on the entry form if you require a plinth for your indoor sculpture.
  • Relief/Wall-hung sculptures must be ready for installation, and it is the responsibility of the artist to install D-hangers suitable for the weight of the artwork.
  • D-hangers must be positioned 1/3rd from the top.  Suitable hanging wire must be provided and attached.
  • Maximum weight for the marquee is 100 kg.


All artworks are exhibited at the artist’s own risk.  Brighton Jetty Sculptures / Brighton Surf Life Saving Club and the City of Holdfast Bay will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to artworks.  It is recommended that artists take out their own insurance for the period of the exhibition.

DISCLAIMER COVID 19: The BJS Committee reserve the right to cancel the exhibition subject to government regulations, restrictions, and approvals in place at the relevant time.


All sculptures (unless sold) must be collected on Monday 29 2024 between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm, unless agreed in writing in advance with a member of the BJS Committee and the artist. eqf

  • Proof of identification will be required, and the Tracking Record signed prior to de-installation.
  • Artists whose sculptures have been sold will be notified prior to collection day.  
  • Removal and delivery of sold sculptures is to be negotiated between the artist and the purchaser.


Payments to artists for works sold will be made by the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club volunteer treasurer following the event using the bank details provided on the entry form. 

  • A commission of 30% from the sale of each sculpture will be retained by the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club
  • The sale price stated on the entry form is to remain firm.  Negotiations on price may be possible at the end of the exhibition if the sculpture has not been sold, however, this may only be actioned with the artist through a BJS Chair.
  • Payment will be made no sooner than 30 days after the exhibition has closed.
  • Please contact the BJS Secretary if you have not received payment by mid-March.
  • Ensure bank account details on the entry form are accurate as money from sales will be paid into this account.
  • Incorrect details may lead to late payment.
  • It is not the policy of the committee to pass on contact details of submitting artists without the permission of the artist.
  • If the artist is registered for GST, it is your responsibility for payment of GST.
  • The committee reserves the right to take a 30% deposit for sculptures that have been commissioned as a result of the Brighton Jetty Sculptures Exhibition.  In the event this occurs an invoice following the exhibition an invoice will be submitted to the artist.  
  • The artist will receive a notice of commissions within 7 days of the closing of the event. 

By agreeing to the above Rules and Conditions your sculpture/s will be exhibited in the Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2024 for the exhibition period, if your sculpture is sold or contracted for sale within 8 weeks of the last day of exhibition, 28 January 2024 you are committed to pay the Brighton Jetty Sculptures / Brighton Surf Life Saving Club 30% commission of the sale price.  Failure to do so may eliminate you from future exhibitions. 

To complete the Registration Form, please click here


Notification of acceptance/exclusion will be sent out by email by 7 December 2023. If you do not receive an email by mid-December, contact the artist registrar