Taking Great Photos

We understand that not everyone is a technology wizard, and the registration process can be daunting enough, especially when you are required to supply 3 images of your artwork. Here are some pointers for those who may need some help in taking great photos. 

Download PDF version here

Clear images allow the curators to be able to see detailing and your technical capacity.
For iPhones and Androids, the focal point is shown either as a square or circle on the screen. Touch where you would like the focus to be placed and then take the photo.

For most cameras, holding the button used for taking the photo halfway before pressing completely will help to focus the image.

Too bright and the object becomes washed out, too dark and it will not be possible to see anything.
A main light source such as a lamp, sun that is not directly above, or a well-lit room is ideal. Using flash on your phone or camera may wash out the image or cast too many shadows. Play around with flash and without flash and see which one looks best.
If taking photos outside, aim to have the sculpture in full sun, not placed half in the shadows.
Try to keep the background as simple as possible. Black or white are good options.
Rule of thumb: if your sculpture is dark, use a light background; if it is lighter, use a dark background.

Mess from a workshop, the dining table, and/or backyard is distracting and can make it hard to see details.

Providing 3 of the same angles does not show us the detailing and essence of your sculpture.
Sculptures are a visual medium, therefore what is written may not convey effectively what is being made.
Providing a long shot showing the whole pieces, and two close ups from different angles is ideal.

When you take photos and upload them to the computer they will usually be labelled something like DSC00437.jpeg. The easiest way to rename on either Mac or Windows is to right click the file and find where it says ‘rename’.  It is important that the image name matches the Title of Sculpture used on the Entry Form.

Don’t be afraid to take more than one photo. Keep taking them until you get the right focus, lighting and angle. If you still are unsure about how to take photos, ask somebody to help.