Winner Outdoor Prize "Bubbles" by Jason Aslin

Runner Up Outdoor Prize "Hang Loose"
by Chris Murphy
Winner Indoor Prize "Glossy Brown Brack Fungi" by Michelle Kelly
Runner Up Indoor Prize "CUMULUS_04" Carla Gotttgens
Emerging Artist Winner and People's Choice Winner "Ghost Dingoes: FAMILIA" by Clancy Warner
Emerging Artist Runner Up "Dancer in the Wind" by Steven Bellosguardo
Environmental Awareness Winner "Ocean Botancia" by Carla Gottgens
People's Choice Runner Up "Michael" by Tony de Souza
To Battle the Sun by Steven Bellosguardo
Natures Chemistry by Trevor and Priscilla Berry
School for Soulful Thongs by Sharon Blunt
"Found Love" by Sharon Blunt
Still Life - Sole resting in peas by Robert Bogner
Enchanted Reef by Ian Brockenbrow
Decision Time by Colin Broom
Sunrise by Tony de Souza
Forever Young by Tony de Souza
Fish Tear by Dana Falcini
Rock Pools by Dana Falcini
Vacuum of Space by Scott Farrand
Footprints by Simon Farrow
The Wave by Simon Farrow
Girls Fragmented by Susan Gerrie
Rusty the Brown Nose Reindeer by Jenny Georgi
Bob by Mandy Gould
When the Boat Comes In by Suzanne Grist
Ancient Beauty by David Hamilton
Off Tide and Time by Dylan Harris
Reconnection by Ingrid Lienert
FRUITY by Trent Manning
Assorted Agarics by Lawrence McLaughlin and Cathi Steer
Wind on Fire by Henryk Pamula
Glory by Jason Milanovic
Plastic Wave by Virginia Paterson
Mirror - Searching by Chris Reid
Platter - Journey by Chris Reid
Paddle Board Pebble Sand Towers by Claire Richards
Suspension of Thought by Sean Corles and Matthew Shute
Rock Lobster by Glen Shuttleworth
Blue Swimmer Crab by Glen Shuttleworth
Blossom Vase by Stephen Skillitzi
Smoke and Mirrors by Timothy Spooner
Darkness Inside by Timothy Spooner
Unearthing by Timothy Spooner
Blossom by Sue St. Clair
Autumn by Sue St. Clair
Madame Butterfly by Bill Steele
Fish III 2014 by Bill Steele
Parasitosis 1 by Alli Symons
Parasitosis 2 by Alli Symons
Parasitosis 3 by Alli Symons
Manta Ray Vessel by Kate Tyrwhitt
Engine Block Table by John Tanner
Return Voyage III by Nicholas Uhlmann
Fluffy by Andrew Waldie
Flying Fish: The Elders by Clancy Warner

Sea Horse by Margaret Welch

Cheeky Friends by Rachael Young
Finley Balanced by Paul Zalkauskas
Bubbles by Jason Aslin
Letter Boxes by Jason Aslin
Selene by Kim Bellette
The Grate Escape by Keith Banfield
Life Guard 2050 by Andy and Ian Brockenbrow
Medusa of the China Sea by Rebecca Edwards
You Cannot Eat Money by Scott Farrand
Moon by Simon Farrow
The Salty Dog by Rob Garrett
Rapunzel by Jenny Georgi
Rex the Dinosaur by Jenny Georgi
Sentinel by Quentin Gore
In Memory of Trees by Kon Heyer
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo by David Hamilton
Emerging Figure by Greg Johns
Barbed Wire Ark by David Kerr
Surfie's Panel Van by Belinda Keyte
Ashtray by Harry Koch
Birds nest on sandstone by Judy Manning
Shovel by Judy Manning
Candelabrum 24 by Judy Manning
Ribbon by Rod Manning
Pear Straps by Rod Manning
Bench Seat by Rod Manning
Snapshot by Trent Manning
River by Trent Manning
Woven Form by Gerry McMahon
Escape by Hamish McMilan
Rapacious by Jason Milanovic
A Home by the Sea by Chris Murphy
PUNK FISH by Stephen Oatway
Fringe Dweller by Stephen Oatway
Sunflower Self Watering by Stephen Oatway
The Return by Chris Ormerod
Metamorphosis by Warren Pickering
Malten Ice Cream Lava by Claire Richards
Beach Bird by Michael Robertson
Beach Dog by Michael Robertson
Hope by Tony Sedgman
Tumble 3 with seed by Ron Rowe
isDlight by Tony Sedgman
Flip-Flop by Sean Corles and Matthew Shute 
Lovers by Deborah Sleeman
The eldest song was a forest thought ...... and the singer was a tree by Deborah Sleeman
Fish Garden Stakes by Anna Small
Flor de la Mar by Anna Small
Plastic Reef! Better Than the Real Thing! by Jacky Spencer
Spirit Time Keeper by Marc Spurgin
Flipper by Marc Spurgin
Gaia by Marc Spurgin 
Reshoot by Tim Thomson
Hybrid #1 by Westley Tully
Hybrid #2 by Westley Tully
Akin by Clancy Warner
Sea Turtle by Margaret Welch
Seagulls at Rest by Margaret Welch